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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best of 2012

#7           House completed.  Oct 2.             Dear friend Doug skims finishing touch of American Clay onto masonry heater.  Victory declared!

#6           Solar Home Tour.  Oct 6.               Welcomed 45 (or was it 145?) into our off-grid, photovoltaic, solar hot water, rainwater harvest, composting toilet, masonry heated home. 

#5           Move in.  Mar 17.                           After the earliest 80 degree day in history, we slept our first night in Home the Land Built.

#4           Grand Celebration.  Sep 22        120 family, friends and neighbors  bless our home with laughter, singing, eating, hiking, sawing…

#3           Finished Novel.  Mar 31.            Written every morning since 2004---same year we bought the Land---the characters of the Corridor finally confessed all.  Editing and publishing in progress.  Easter???

#2           Prairie grows up.  2012               Apparently rooting down, down, down since seeded in 2007, the prairie finally raised itself sunward.   Acre upon achingly beautiful acre.  

#1           Linda doublehip replacement.  Nov 7     We moved here to engage the Land.   Her arthritic, bone-on-bone hips stopped her.  No more!!!

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