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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day in My Life at Home the Land Built

“What do you do all day?”  my friend Doug asked.
I stumbled a bit.  “Um….chores…eat good food….”.    What the heck do I do, I wondered.  So on Monday Jul 16, I actually documented my doings. 
Arise.  Check  house air temp 74F.  Close porch windows.  Turn off fan in yoga loft window.
Breakfast:   Granola and blueberries while re-reading Guns, Germs & Steel.
Clean cat litter.  Check solar battery capacity:  79%.   Not bad since we’re running 3 fans, 2 freezers and 2 fridges all night.
Do dishes
Tea on west porch.  Identify birds:  Robin, Cedar Waxwing, Bluebird, Orchard Oriole, Song Sparrow, Red-Winged Blackbird, Tree Swallow, Downy Woodpecker, House Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow, Goldfinch, Crow, Vulture, Goldfinch, Wren, Catbird, Barn Swallow
Call Dustin to deliver water.  (5400 gallon cistern dangerously low.  Rain harvest still not working!!!)
Put 1 gallon jug on east porch for sun tea
Sweep beetles off floor  (every day we get a few dozen more of these little brown jobs)
Dustin fills cistern from his milk truck with water from Plainview fire hydrant.
Empty two composting toilet buckets into compost heap.  Clean.  Dry and sterilize in sun.
2nd Breakfast:   bread and honey over Guns, Germs & Steel.
Fix string in yoga loft gong, a present from friends Doug and Monica.
Sun tea brown and warm.  Put tea bags into another jug to make more of sun tea.
Call RainHarvest company to try and solve rain harvest problem.  The Clean Rain Advance is supposed to divert the first 50 gallons away from the cistern (the dirtiest water).  Problem is all the water coming down the gutter is diverted away from the cistern. 
Research Shade Cloth.  Right now the 2’ overhang keeps the sun from beaming through the south bank of windows.  In a month it will coming burning through.   Considering hanging shade cloth off the gutter.
Luncheon:  Fried egg, toast, tomato, garlic-aioli from Trout Caviar
Do dishes.  Check solar battery:  100%.   Wow!  Now the solar array is just loafing out there in the sun.
Ordered Shade Cloth.  70% sun block.  Enough to hang down 2’.
Scoop 3” of sawdust into composting toilet buckets.  Return to garage.  Check solar hot water tank.  150F.  Solar collector 283F.  House Air  80F.    Outside 95F.
Begin assignments for week two of Self Publishing Class through Loft Literary Center.  Wow!  Anybody can publish a book online or Print On Demand.  Discovered that volunteers, Linda and my friend Heather, are not my Proofreaders.  They are my Copyeditors.  Who knew?
Afternoon tea:  Bread.  Almond butter.  Honey.
Downloaded Gregg Reference Manual as “gift” for my Copyeditor.  Linda actually seemed excited.
Replaced full composting toilet bucket with empty bucket.
Began formatting my novel for Print On Demand using Amazon's CreateSpace.  Feeling like this thing might actually get done after 8 years.
Happy hour with Linda.  Mojito and chips on east porch.
Supper:  Linda made fennel slaw while I grilled corn on the cob and hot Italian sausage.
Kick back in recliner with good book:  Attracting Native Pollinators.
Open windows.  Start fan in yoga loft window.  Off to bed.


  1. This sounds like an absolutely amazing day. I just read the piece about your home on the CERT website, and would love to learn more (and visit/tour at some point if possible) about the decisions you made, the financial viability of everything, and the connectedness aspect of your home.
    My partner and I as well as many of our friends have had many, many discussions about creating a rural intentional community, living off the grid, starting a farm, etc, and I figure the more people we can connect with who are doing some version of this, the better.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!

    ~Lauren Fulner-Erickson

    1. Lauren - You're the reader I've been waiting for. You are more than welcome to come visit. And bring your partner and land-inspired friends as well. Send me a email and we'll figure it out.


  2. What is your email address, Mike? I'm guessing that I won't be able to make it until October or so, but I suppose that just gives you more time to perfect some of your wonderful house projects!